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Fimpex, Lda
Edíficio D. Nuno
Pct. D. Nuno Alvares Pereira
Nº 10 e 20 – Fracção AM
4450-218 Matosinhos


+ 351 220 991 488

+ 351 220 935 321


[email protected]



 The Fimpex offers many solutions on stainless steel furniture, refrigeration, catering and laundry equipments.

  With a market approach essentially based on the logic of partnerships, type: B2B "Business to Business," as a way to create value for our customers.

  In order to do this, Fimpex relies on the strength of their "stakeholders" network, customers, employees, consultants and suppliers, some of them of global reference.



  The value of Fimpex like a partner, results of know-how and of activities of their affiliates, which are interconnected by sharing information and skills for the presentation of efficient services to the customers.


   From these synergies result the following benefits:


   - Single point of advice.

   - Single point of contact between suppliers and customers.

   - Logistical support.

   - Optimization of operating costs.

   - High performance equipment.

   - Possibility of participation in training.

   - Analysis, verification and fast resolution of problems.

   - Warranty, maintenance and repair.

   - Risk reduction.

   - Implementation of processes and continuous improvement.

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