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Fimpex, Lda
Edíficio D. Nuno
Pct. D. Nuno Alvares Pereira
Nº 10 e 20 – Fracção AM
4450-218 Matosinhos


+ 351 220 991 488

+ 351 220 935 321


[email protected]




We in FIMPEX believe that some of the differentiator factors for the establishment of long-term partnerships are relationships based on  trust, accuracy and responsibility values, guided by  transparency, professionalism and cooperation pinciples.


In this sense it is incumbent upon to us to provide, the pro-active way, some references that can help our relationship network in your decisions.


Watch some of our costumers say about us:


Raul Ramos - Director of the company's production DOW Portugal.

"The FIMPEX showed great versatility and customer orientation in the works made for DOW Portugal, both regarding specific lab furniture as well as kitchen furniture. In addition to this FIMPEX was able to meet the requirements quality and safety needed to work within a chemical company like DOW, a world leader company."



João Abel de Freitas - Commercial director of the company  FN Hotelaria, S.A.

"The FN-HOTEL SA has like policy to establish partnerships with their customers and their suppliers, because this is the main reason for their existence. The comercial relationship with Fimpex is a good example of this. In my opinion, Fimpex is a business partner who has been able to find appropriate solutions for the customer needs, evidenced by their correct posture, honesty and commitment.. It should be noted that the experience and know-how acquired throughout many years of this activity, is an asset that has allowed us to follow the demands of an increasingly competitivity. On the other hand, their political representation with prestigious brands and quality recognized internationally, has proved to be the right one because satisfied customers are always the best means of communication for a company."



Manuel Vieira Pinto – General manager of the company  INDUTEL, Lda.

"In order to give response to growing  market complexity, our company, in 2006, made a partnership with FIMPEX, working together and uniting efforts and know-how since this time in order to give response to the growing challenges that companies find nowadays. 

All I can say about this matter is the following: their effective work and their attention to the clients, has been an added value for us."


Other references:



President`s Security House Hospital - Angola 


Private Hospital of Gaia

Suche -Dalkia Serviços Hospitalares

Hospital Braga Centro - Grupo Trofa Saúde
Stª Casa da Misericórdia da Arruda dos Vinhos Hospital 
CUF- Descobertas Hospital
Montemor-o-Novo Hospital
Hospital de Faro

Stª Casa da Misericórdia de Alhos Vedros Hospital

Angra do Heroísmo Hospital, Açores

Healt Care Center of the Stª Casa da Misericórdia do Montijo

Hospital de Santarém

Stª Maria House

Hospital de Setúbal

School Hospital Fernando Pessoa

Hospital Particular do Algarve - Faro Hospital -

Hospital Namibe - Angola

Centro Hospitalar Barriro Montijo 



We are available to provide any additional reference. You can contact us by the following e-mail: [email protected], or by phone to the number 00 351 220 991 488. 



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